JRA Architecture, LLC


Established in 1976, as James Ruggles Associates, JRA Architecture provides architectural design services for commercial and industrial projects. In 1996 the firm marked its 20th anniversary by redefining itself as JRA Architecture suggesting a streamlined, broad-based commitment to the built environment and the next generation of design technology. The firm focuses on architectural services, with interior design services provided based on project requirements.

The construction value of projects designed in the last two years exceeds $100 million. In Indiana, project locations range from Fort Wayne to Evansville, with a substantial portion of our work in a 16 county area in central Indiana. In addition to the state of Indiana, we have worked in numerous states including Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina and Georgia.

JRA Architecture is very technologically oriented. All work is performed on networked computers, and we have continue to develop and refine computerized 3D modeling, rendering and animation techniques. The open atmosphere and support given to the staff gives us a significant advantage in applying technology in support of our work. An aggressive, internally driven continuing training program is in place for all employees. The combination of technology and a highly trained and motivated staff make JRA Architecture one of the most productive offices in the area.

With our experience in private development, and design-build delivery, we know the importance of attractive design, functional layout, and identifying issues and constraints early in the process. Our ability to meet aggressive schedules begins with a 'can-do' attitude, and follows through with responsive support throughout the design and construction process.

JRA has always considered planning and site development a key part of our design mission. Planning has developed into a basic element of our services to many of our clients and a substantial portion of our business. In the last year we have performed site design and planning services on nearly 200 projects comprising approximately 2,000 acres of land for clients and developers. Projects range from individual industrial, retail and commercial clients to concepts for subdividing large parcels for multi-tenant developments. Our services have included layout and planning of individual parcels, outlots, vehicular circulation, planning of roadways, storm water management and landscaping.

While most of the company's work is in commercial and industrial fields, we are proud of the variety of projects we have completed. JRA Architecture has diverse experience with a portfolio measured in millions of square feet.

Organizationally, JRA is horizontally oriented. Each staff member is valued for their special talents, and little emphasis is placed on titles and formal relationships. The open layout of the office reflects the open communications which characterize the company. The employees of the firm, from the top down, are very dedicated, and the design process tends to be collaborative. The workforce is stable, with employees having several years tenure with the firm.